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Q & A (2008/08/05)

Q & A

1. Q: ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive how long does it take to

be hardening?

A: Normal hardening for two to four hours without heating or heated hardening for one minute completely solves the water leakage problem.

2. Q: Why ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive, temperatures in winter or lower, will not easy to squeeze?

A: ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive the white top is the transparent infiltrator will solidify at the temperature under 15℃. The viscosity becomes thick is a normal situation. When being not easy to squeeze, please use the blowers or a torch lamp to heat and soften it, and you can squeeze it out easily.

3. Q: ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive after the package is opened, how long can continue to be used?

A: ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive can continue to be used for

five years after the packaged is opened without any change in the

nature and keep good for ten years if the package is not opened.

4. Q: ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive have any certification unit inspection reports or test reports?

A: 1. The product has gone through the SGS test, and the result is

containing no heavy metal (Cd, Hg, Pb, Cr+6, Pbbs, Pbdes) accords with EU(RoHS) standard, (Report Number: CE/2007/72581).

2. The product has passed the 35 kgf/cm2 (500psi) hydraulic test of Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, MOEA, R.O.C. no leakage occurred. (Report number: 96505001594).

5. Q: What’s the difference between ENAMAX hot melt welding

adhesive and epoxy putty or plastic steel on the market?

A: Currently the market for sale EPOXY PUTTY and PLASTIC STEEL when opens, the longest retention period for three months, not economic efficiency, waste, not practical. And the smell is choking nose and bad.

6. Q: How to determine ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive heating harden completed ?

A: ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive surface was flat, smooth, glassy, and colored light-yellow, which is hardening completed.

7. Q: How to control ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive heating


A: The length of heating, flame size, with the torch parts of the

distance, the thickness, has a direct relative, As long as you practice more, once, twice, three times, five times, and even ten times with patience, practice makes perfect.

8. Q: How to judge the heating temperature is appropriate and will not over heat, burned or low temperature and drop?

A: When heated, you can apply small amount near the cracks or the sand hole before, to determine whether the appropriate temperature, if applied to effect a smoke, that is overheating, should be suspended 20 -30 Seconds, and so cool, and then spread on to do repair work. If applied then will flow down that low temperature, or applied too much, and dropping, should be re-heating will solve the problem.

9. Q: How to repair the vertical surface or suspended handing leakage of pipes?

A: First turn off the switch, not to let water flow out. This product is best to repair the vertical surface or suspended handing leakage of pipes. As long as the appropriate temperature of 120 ℃ ~ 160 ℃

then apply ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive. ENAMAX suction and harden. It is very convenient and useful.

10. Q: ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive in what circumstances, does not apply?

A: The surface with water or wet surface, this product is not applicable.

11. Q: What are the characteristics of ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive?

A: 1. acid, alkali, corrosion and Freon resistance.

2. Heat resistance 180 ℃.

3. Cold resistance -60 ℃.

4. Ceramic-based, which melts and expands when heated,

it suctions and hardens .

5. Good flexibility, good toughness, no bubbles.

6. The product has excellent adhesion, vibration resistance,

and is easy to operate.

12. Q: What kinds of industry and products applicable for ENAMAX hot melt welding adhesive?

A: This product applies to the following industries and products

leaking repairs:


2. Piping.

3. Plumbing

4. Car air conditioning system and other parts of the leakage


5. Refrigeration and other parts of the leakage conversion.

6. Hardware, tools and machinery of the conversion.

7. replace welding, bonding each other in different metal



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